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Chitons (Polyplacophora)

Family Leptochitonidae

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Hanleyella oldroydi
Victoria Harbor, BC, preserved specimen

Click on photo to enlarge.  Scale line in photo equals 1cm unless otherwise specified.  

Hanleyella oldroydi (Dall, 1919)
subtidal to 455m
northern Mexico to southern Alaska
This is a very small species of less than 1cm in length.  It seems to be more commonly found in the southern end of its range.

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Leptochiton rugatus Leptochiton rugatus Leptochiton rugatus      preserved specimens                    Petersburg, AK, intertidal     Anacortes, WA, intertidal

  Leptochiton rugatus
Anacortes, WA, intertidal
Leptochiton cf. rugatus (Pilsbry, 1892)
Dwarf Chiton
intertidal          northern Mexico to northern Alaska          size to 16mm
They are not uncommon, but can be difficult to find due to their small size.  They are generally white or buff colored.  At lower tidal levels search under rocks resting on anoxic mud.  This is actually a species complex in the northern Pacific and is currently
under investigation (D.J. Eernisse, pers.comm.).