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An illustrated identification key was created by Aaron Baldwin.  Updated by Aaron, February 4, 2018    Key - pdf, 2Mb   

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Reference list for Chiton pages

Chaetopleura gemma

Cryptochiton stelleri Katherina tunicata Dendrochiton flectens Mopalia cirrata Mopalia egretta
 Mopalia hindsii Mopalia imporcata Mopalia kennerleyi Mopalia lignosa Mopalia muscosa
 Mopalia sinuata Mopalia spectabilis Mopalia swanii Mopalia vespertina Placiphorella pacifica Placiphorella rufa Placiphorella velata Tonicella insignis Tonicella lineata Tonicella rubra Tonicella undocaerulea
Hanleyella oldroydi Leptochiton rugatus

Schizoplax brandtii

Cyanoplax dentiens Cyanoplax dentiens

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Chitons (Polyplacophora)

(Oregon to Southeast Alaska)

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