Washington - Oregon Coast

Offshore - Continental Shelf

Subtidal  Data

Site Description:       

This site covers the subtidal area off the coast of Washington and Oregon.  This data will represent specimens found on the continental shelf and slope leading to the abyssal plain.  The data represents specimens found below about 10 meters, and as deep as 1000 meters.  This page will present the species which are never, or very rarely seen, in the shallow subtidal or intertidal shorelines.  It will also include some intertidal species which are also common in deeper water and some subtidal species which also occur within the Salish Sea.  The list is by no means complete and only represents some sampling data taken from various scientific surveys and fishing activities.  Those marked ex pisce were retrieved from the digestive tracts of various species of sole and other flatfish.  Some of these fish were caught as deep as 750m. 

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Species List:

     Following is a list of mollusk species observed at this location by members and associates of the club.  This is by no means a complete list of the species which may occur at this site.  Revisions and additions to the data are made as we acquire new information.   When a site contains more than one very distinctive type of habitat or if multiple sites were included in a single location, then a species list for each is included.

Axinopsida serricata (ex pisce)
Cardiomya pectinata (ex pisce)
Cardiomya planetica (ex pisce)
Channelaxinus excavata
Dacrydium pacificum (ex pisce)
Dallicordia alaskana (ex pisce)
Delectopecten vancouverensis
Dermatomya tenuiconcha (ex pisce)
Ennucula tenuis (ex pisce)
Huxleyia munita (ex pisce)
Keenaea centifilosa (ex pisce)
Luzonia walleri (ex pisce)
Lyonsiella quaylei (ex pisce)
Macoma sp. (ex pisce)
Malletia pacifica (ex pisce)
Megayoldia martyria
(ex pisce)
Mendicula ferruginosa
Nuculana cellulita (ex pisce)
Nuculana conceptionis (ex pisce)
Nuculana leonina (ex pisce)
Nuculana navisa (ex pisce)
Phreagena kilmeri
Pliocardia stearnsii
Solamen columbianum (ex pisce)
Thyasira flexuosa
Tindaria kennerlyi (ex pisce)
Vesicomya pacifica
Xylophaga washingtona
Yoldia seminuda (ex pisce)

Admete californica (ex pisce)
Anatoma kelseyi (ex pisce)
Bathybembix bairdii
Beringius eyerdami
Buccinum glaciale
Buccinum plectrum
Buccinum strigillatum
Buccinum strigillatum fucanum
Buccinum viridum
Calinaticina oldroydii
Cidarina cidaris
Calliostoma variegatum
Euspira draconis
Exilioidea rectirostris (ex pisce)
Haliotis kamtschatkana
Latisipho aphelus
Mohnia siphonoidea
Neptunea amianta
Neptunea humboldtiana
Neptunea ithia
Neptunea lyrata
Neptunea pribiloffensis
Neptunea tabulata
Pseudotaranis strongi
Puncturella galeata (ex pisce)
Retimohnia frielei
Solariella nuda
Solariella vancouverensis (ex pisce)

Cadulus californicus (ex pisce)
Rhabdus rectius (ex pisce)

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This page last revised: 5-25-2019