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Subtidal  Data

Site Description:       

This site covers the subtidal areas of Puget Sound.  The data represents specimens found below 10 meters, and some as deep as 200 meters.  This page will present the species which are never, or very rarely seen, in the shallow subtidal or intertidal shorelines.  It will also include some common intertidal species which are also common in deeper water.  The list is by no means complete and only represents some sampling data taken from various scientific surveys, fishing, and diver observation. 

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Species List:

     Following is a list of mollusk species observed at this location by members and associates of the club.  This is by no means a complete list of the species which may occur at this site.  Revisions and additions to the data are made as we acquire new information.   When a site contains more than one very distinctive type of habitat or if multiple sites were included in a single location, then a species list for each is included.

Chlamys hastata
Chlamys rubida
Compsomyax subdiaphana
Crassadoma gigantea
Delectopecten vancouverensis
Glycymeris septentrionalis
Humilaria kennerleyi
Keenaea centifilosa
Modiolus modiolus
Modiolus rectus
Mya truncata
Mytilus californianus
Neaeromya rugifera 
Nuculana minuta
Nutricola lordi
Pandora filosa
Panomya sp.
Panopea generosa
Patinopecten caurinus
Pododesmus macrochisma
Semele rubropicta
Tresus capax
Tresus nuttallii
Zirfaea pilsbryi

Crepidula sp.
Crepipatella lingulata
Cryptonatica aleutica
Diodora aspera
Epitonium indianorum
Fusitriton oregonensis
Haliotis kamtschatkana
Nassarius mendicus
Neostylidium eschrichtii
Neptunea lyrata
Neptunea phoenicea
Neptunea smirnia
Neverita lewisii
Olivella baetica
Olivella biplicata (found dead)

Ophiodermella inermis

Acteocina eximia
Armina californica
Elysia hedgpethi
Janolus gelidus
Rictaxis punctocaelatus
Tritonia tetraquetra
   see also the extensive list of nudibranchs observed subtidally on the Bremerton to Port Orchard page

Cryptochiton stelleri     

Doryteuthis opalescens
Enteroctopus dofleini
Rossia pacifica

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This page last revised: 5-25-2019