Central Georgia Strait

Parksville to Courtenay and Sechelt to Powell River, BC

Site Description:       

This page represents an accumulation of data from many different locations throughout the central Strait of Georgia.  We don't yet have a specific site in this area where a thorough survey has been done.  This data covers a range of habitats, both intertidal and subtidal.  It also includes the Northern Gulf Islands of Texada, Lasqueti, Hornby and Denman.  

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Species List:

     Following is a list of mollusk species observed at this location by members and associates of the club.  This is by no means a complete list of the species which may occur at this site.  Revisions and additions to the data are made as we acquire new information.   When a site contains more than one very distinctive type of habitat or if multiple sites were included in a single location, then a species list for each is included.
    We indicate frequency of occurrence based on our observations.  This is an indicator of how likely it is that you may be able to find this species yourself and is not a formal population survey.  

     Frequency Code:  (Based on the assumption that you are looking in the appropriate location where the species
                                          likes to live - on rocks, in sand, etc.  Some populations fluctuate seasonally.  Ours are based
                                          on the spring/summer seasons.)
     [4] - Rare - very difficult to find, maybe only a couple found after repeated visits to the site
     [3] - Uncommon - difficult to find, may not see on every trip but dedicated searching may turn up a few
     [2] - Common - easy to find, should locate a number of them on any given day
     [1] - Abundant - very easy to find, large numbers should be seen on every trip

Due to the nature of the data, this list will not be rated for frequency of occurrence.

Intertidal - I
Subtidal - S          (lack of a symbol indicates it is unknown if observed intertidally or subtidally)

Axinopsida serricata  S
Bankia setacea
Cardiomya sp.  S
Chlamys rubida
Ciliatocardium ciliatum  S

Clinocardium nuttallii  I
Compsomyax subdiaphana  S
Crassadoma gigantea
Cyclocardia ventricosa  S
Delectopecten vancouverensis  S
Diplodonta impolita  S
Ennucula tenuis  S
Gari californica
Hiatella arctica  S
Leukoma staminea  I
Lyonsia californica  S
Macoma balthica  I
Macoma carlottensis  S
Macoma nasuta  I
Macoma yoldiformis  S
Macoma sp.  S
Megayoldia martyria  S
Mytilus complex  I
Nuttallia obscurata  I
Ostrea lurida  I
Pandora filosa  S
Parvilucina tenuisculpta  S
Serripes groenlandicus
Simomactra falcata
Solamen columbiana  S  
Venerupis philippinarum  I
Yoldia seminuda  S

Buccinum plectrum  S
Calliostoma annulatum  S
Cidarina cidaris  S
Crepipatella lingulata  I
Cryptonatica affinis  S
Diodora aspera  I
Epitonium indianorum  S
Lacuna sp.  I
Lottia instabilis  S
Lottia limatula  I
Lottia pelta  I
Lottia persona  I
Lottia scutum  I

Margarites sp.
Melanella micans  S
Nassarius mendicus  I
Neptunea lyrata  S
Neptunea phoenicea  S
Neverita lewisii  I
Puncturella cucullata
Siphonaria thersites  I
Trichotropis cancellata  S
Velutina velutina  

Acteocina sp.  S
Aegires albopunctatus
Aldisa albomarginata  S
Aldisa tara  S
Coryphella trophina  S
Cuthonella concinna  S
Diaphorodoris lirulatocauda  S
Gastropteron pacificum  S
Janolus gelidus  S
"Montereina" lentiginosa  S
Rictaxis punctocaelatus  S

Cyanoplax dentiens
Lepidozona interstincta
Lepidozona mertensii
Mopalia cirrata
Mopalia lignosa  I
Mopalia sinuata
Mopalia swanii
Mopalia vespertina
Tonicella insignis
Tonicella lineata
Placiphorella rufa  S

Berryteuthis magister  S
Doryteuthis opalescens  S
Octopus rubescens  S

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This page last revised: 6-22-2023