Name Changes of Recent Years

This is not an all inclusive list, merely some of the more common changes we encounter.  Some names have occasionally reverted back to earlier names.  New studies are continually revising taxonomy and not all references agree, or are necessarily updated, on which are the currently accepted names.  This is presented for informational purposes only.
Current name listed first, previous name(s) or synonym(s) listed second


Solemya pervernicosa Kuroda, 1948  [= Solemya reidi Bernard, 1980]

Saccella penderi (Dall & Barsch, 1910)  [= Nuculana penderi]

Arcuatula senhousia (Benson, 1842)  [= Musculista senhousia]


Ostrea lurida Carpenter, 1864  [= separated from Ostrea conchaphila Carpenter, 1857]  

Channelaxinus excavatus (Dall, 1901)  [= Conchocele excavata]

Kellia suborbicularis (Montagu, 1803)  [= Kellia laperousii  (Deshayes, 1839)]

Neaeromya rugifera (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Pseudopythina rugifera]

Kurtiella tumida (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Rochefortia tumida]

Ciliatocardium ciliatum (Fabricius, 1780)  [= Clinocardium ciliatum]
Keenaea centifilosa (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Nemocardium centifilosum]
Keenocardium blandum
(Gould, 1850)  [= Clinocardium blandum, Clinocardium fucanum (Dall, 1907)]
Keenocardium californiense (Deshayes, 1839)  [= Clinocardium californiense

Macoma balthica (Linnaeus, 1758)  [= Macoma inconspicua (Broderip & Sowerby, 1829)]
Macoma golikovi Scarlato & Kafanov, 1988  [= separated from Macoma incongrua (Martens, 1865)]
Tellina nuculoides (Reeve, 1854)  [= Tellina salmonea Carpenter, 1864]

Callithaca tenerrima (Carpenter, 1857)  [= Protothaca tenerrima]
Leukoma staminea (Conrad, 1837)  [= Protothaca staminea]
Nutricola lordi (W.Baird, 1863)  [= Psephidia lordi]
Nutricola tantilla (Gould, 1853)  [= Transennella tantilla]
Venerupis philippinarum (A.Adams & Reeve, 1850)  [= TapesRuditapes philippinarum, Tapes japonica Deshayes, 1853]


Mactromeris polynyma (Stimpson, 1860)  [= Spisula polynyma]
Simomactra falcata (Gould, 1850)  [= Spisula falcata]
Tresus capax (Gould, 1850)  [= Schizothaerus capax]
Tresus nuttallii (Conrad, 1837)  [= Schizothaerus nuttallii]


Panopea generosa (Gould, 1850)  [= Panopea abrupta (Conrad, 1849)] (returned to P. generosa)

Pandora wardiana A.Adams, 1860  [= Pandora grandis Dall, 1877]
Entodesma navicula (A.Adams & Reeve, 1850)  [= Entodesma saxicola Baird, 1863]


Acmaea funiculata (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Niveotectura funiculata]

Cryptobranchia concentrica (Middendorff, 1847)  [= Lepeta concentrica]

     All previous genus names of Collisella, Notoacmea and Tectura as they apply to our local species are now Lottia.
     In addition, there are the following changes:
Lottia paradigitalis (Fritchman, 1960)  [= separated from Lottia strigatella]
Lottia instabilis (Gould, 1846)  [= Lottia ochracea (Dall, 1871)]


Puncturella cucullata (Gould, 1846)  [= Cranopsis cucullata] (returned to Puncturella)
Puncturella multistriata Dall, 1914  [= Cranopsis multistriata] (returned to Puncturella)
Fissurellidea bimaculata (Dall, 1871)  [= Megatebennus bimaculatus]

Eulithidium pulloides (Carpenter, 1865)  [= Tricolia pulloides]

Calliostoma ligatum (Gould, 1849)  [= Calliostoma costatum Martyn, 1784]

Margarites pupillus (Gould, 1849)  [= Margarites salmoneus]

Tegula funebralis (A.Adams, 1855)  [= Chlorostoma funebralis] (returned to T. funebralis)  

Pomaulax gibberosa (Dillwyn, 1817)  [= Astraea gibberosa, Astraea inequalis Martyn, 1784]

Littorina subrotundata (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Algamorda subrotundata, L. (Algamorda) newcombiana (Hemphill, 1877)]
     [This was restricted to a salt marsh species until 1991, when a barnacle ecotype was separated from Littorina sitkana]

Pseudodiala acuta (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Barleeia acuta, Diala acuta, Barleeia marmorea (Carpenter, 1864), Barleeia dalli
     Bartsch, 1920]

Caecum occidentale (Bartsch, 1920)  [= Fartulum occidentale, Fartulum hemphilli Bartsch, 1920]

Batillaria attramentaria (G.B. Sowerby I, 1855)  [= Batillaria cumingi Crosse, 1862, Batillaria zonalis (Bruguiere, 1792)]

Lirobittium attenuatum (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Bittium attenuatum]
Neostylidium eschrichtii (Middendorff, 1849)  [= Stylidium eschrichtii, Bittium eschrichtii]

Epitonium indianorum (Carpenter, 1865)  [= Nitidiscala indianorum]
Epitonium tinctum (Carpenter, 1864)  [=  Nitidiscala tincta]
Opalia wroblewskyi (Mörch, 1875)  [= Opalia borealis Keep, 1881, Opalia chacei Strong, 1937, Opalia wroblewskii ]

Aclis shepardiana (Dall, 1919)  [= Graphis shepardiana]
Melanella micans
(Carpenter, 1865)  [= Balcis micans, Eulimia micans]
Vitreolina columbiana (Bartsch, 1917)  [= Balcis columbiana, Melanella columbiana]

Iselica ovoidea (Gould, 1853)  [= Iselica fenestrata (Carpenter, 1864)]

Hipponix panamensis (C.B. Adams, 1852)  [= Antisabia panamensis, Hipponix cranioides Carpenter, 1864]

Crepidula convexa Say, 1822  [= Crepidula glauca Say, 1822]

Marsenina rhombica (Dall, 1871)  [=  Lamellaria rhombica]
Marsenina stearnsii (Dall, 1871)  [= Lamellaria stearnsi]
Limneria prolongata (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Velutina prolongata]

Cryptonatica affinis (Gmelin, 1791)  [= Natica clausa, Cryptonatica clausa (Broderip & Sowerby, 1829)]
Cryptonatica aleutica (Dall, 1919)  [= Natica aleutica]
Neverita lewisii (Gould, 1847)  [= Euspira lewisii, Polinices lewisii, Lunatia lewisii]

Boreotrophon cepula (Sowerby, 1880)  [= Boreotrophon beringi Dall, 1902]
Boreotrophon multicostatus
(Eschscholtz, 1829)  [= Trophon multicostatus]

Ceratostoma foliatum (Gmelin, 1791)  [= Purpura foliatum]
Nodulotrophon coronatus (H.Adams & A.Adams, 1864)  [= Boreotrophon dalli (Kobelt, 1878)]
Nucella analoga
(Forbes, 1852)  [= possibly separated from Nucella canaliculata]

Nucella angustior Houart, Vermeij & Wiedrick, 2019  [= separated from Nucella lima]
Nucella ostrina
(Gould, 1852)  [= separated from Nucella emarginata]

Ocenebrellus inornatus (Récluz, 1851)  [=  Ocinebra inornataCeratostoma inornatumOcenebra japonica (Dunker, 1869)]
Paciocinebrina atropurpurea (Carpenter, 1865) [= Ocinebrina atropurpurea, Ocenebra atropurpurea]
Paciocinebrina interfossa Carpenter, 1864  [= Ocinebrina interfossa, Ocenebra interfossa]
Paciocinebrina lurida (Middendorff, 1849)  [= Ocinebrina lurida, Ocenebra lurida]
Paciocinebrina sclera (Dall, 1919)  [= Ocinebrina sclera, Ocenebra sclera, Urosalpinx sclera]
Scabroptrophon maltzani (Kobelt & Kuster, 1878)  [= Trophonopsis lasius (Dall, 1919)]
Scabrotrophon stuarti (A.E. Smith, 1880)  [= Nipponotrophon stuarti, Boreotrophon stuarti, Trophonopsis stuarti, Boreotrophon
Dall, 1902]
Trophonopsis orpheus (Gould, 1849)  [= Boreotrophon orpheus, Trophon orpheus, Ocenebra orpheus]

Granulina margaritula (Carpenter, 1857)  [= Cypraeolina pyriformis (Carpenter, 1864)]


Alia carinata (Hinds, 1844)  [= Mitrella carinata, Nitidella carinata]
Mitrella aurantiaca (Dall, 1871)  [= Astyris aurantiaca, Alia aurantiaca] (returned to Mitrella)

Latisipho aphelus (Dall, 1916)  [= Colus aphelus]
Latisipho hallii
(Dall, 1873)  [= Colus hallii]
Lirabuccinum dirum
(Reeve, 1846)  [= Searlesia dira]

Nassarius fossatus (Gould, 1850)  [= Caesia fossatus]  (returned to Nassarius fossatus)
Nassarius fratercula (Dunker, 1862)  [= Hima fratercula] (returned to Nassarius fraterculus)
Nassarius mendicus (Gould, 1849) [= Hima mendica] (returned to Nassarius mendicus)
Tritia obsoleta (Say, 1822)  [= Ilyanassa obsoleta, Nassarius obsoletus]

Olivella baetica Carpenter, 1864  [= Callianax baetica]  (returned to Olivella baetica)
Olivella biplicata (G.B. Sowerby I, 1825)  [= Callianax biplicata]  (returned to Olivella biplicata)
Olivella pycna Berry, 1935  [= Callianax pycna]  (returned to Olivella pycna)

Ophiodermella inermis (Reeve, 1843)  [= Ophiodermella ophioderma (Dall, 1909)]

Pyramidellidae     (Pat LaFollette, pers. comm. March 2012)
Aartsenia satura (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Odostomia satura]
Brachystomia angularis (Dall & Bartsch, 1907)  [= Odostomia angularis]
Evalea tenuisculpta (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Odostomia tenuisculpta]


Rictaxis punctocaelatus (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Acteon punctocaelatus]

Haminoea japonica (Pilsbry, 1895)  [= Haminoea callidegenita Gibson & Chia, 1989]

Acteocina culcitella (Gould, 1853)  [= Cylichnella culcitella]

Adalaria proxima (Alder & Hancock, 1854)  [= Onchidoris proxima] (returned to Adalaria)
Knoutsodonta jannae
(Millen, 1987)  [= Adalaria jannae]
Onchidoris evincta (Millen, 2006)  [= Adalaria evincta]

Diaulula lentiginosa (Millen, 1982)  [= Montereina lentiginosa, Peltodoris lentiginosa, Anisodoris lentiginosa]
                                                                   (Diaulula likely a temporary designation)
Peltadoris nobilis (MacFarland, 1905)  [= Montereina nobilis, Anisodoris nobilis] (returned to Peltadoris)


Aeolidia loui Kienberger, Carmona, Pola, Padula, Gosliner & Cervera, 2016  [= separated from Aeolidia papillosa (Lin., 1861)]

Flabellinopsis iodinea (Cooper, 1862)  [= Flabellina iodinea]


Dendronotus albus MacFarland, 1966  [= Dendronotus diversicolor (Robilliard, 1970) - has been showed to be the same
                                                                      species as Dendronotus albus MacFarland, 1966]
Dendronotus venustus MacFarland, 1905  [=  separated from Dendronotus frondosus (Ascanius, 1774)]

Abronica abronia (MacFarland, 1966)  [= Cuthona abronia]

Cuthonella cocoachroma (Williams & Gosliner, 1979)  [= Cuthona cocoachroma]
Cuthonella concinna (Alder & Hancock, 1843)  [= Cuthona concinna]

Catriona columbiana (O'Donoghue, 1922)  [= Tenellia columbiana (returned to Catriona)]
Diaphoreolis flavovulta (MacFarland, 1996)  [= Tenellia flavovulta, Cuthona flavolvulta]
Diaphoreolis lagunae (O'Donoghue, 1926)  [= Tenellia lagunae, Cuthona lagunae]
Diaphoreolis viridis (Forbes, 1840)  [= Tenellia viridis, Cuthona viridis]
Trinchesia albocrusta (MacFarland, 1996)  [= Tenellia albocrusta, Cuthona albocrusta]
Zelentia fulgens (MacFarland, 1966)  [= Tenellia fulgens, Cuthona fulgens]
Zelentia pustulata (Alder & Hancock, 1854)  [= Tenellia pustulata, Cuthona pustulata]

Apata pricei (MacFarland, 1966)  [= Flabellina pricei]

Coryphella verrucosa (M. Sars, 1829)  [= Flabellina verrucosa]
Himatina trophina (Bergh, 1890) [= Flabellina trophina]
Orienthella trilineata (O'Donoghue, 1921)  [= Flabellina trilineata]

Ziminella japonica (Volodchenko, 1941)  [= Flabellina japonica]

Antiopella fusca (O'Donoghue, 1924)  [= Janolus fuscus]


Tochuina gigantea (Bergh, 1904)  [= Tochuina tetraquetra sensu Bergh, 1879]
Tritonia tetraquetra (Pallas, 1788)  [= Tritonia diomedea Bergh, 1894]



Lepidozona cooperi (Dall, 1919)  [= Ischnohiton cooperi]
Lepidozona interstincta (Gould, 1852)  [= Ischnochiton interstinctus]
Lepidozona radians (Carpenter, 1892)  [= Ischnochiton radians]
Lepidozona willetti Berry, 1917  [= Ischnochiton willetti]
Tripoplax trifida (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Ischnochiton trifidus, Lepidozona trifida]

Cryptochiton stelleri (Middendorff, 1847)  [= Amicula stelleri]
Dendrochiton flectens (Carpenter, 1864)  [= Leptochitona flectens, Leptochitona heathii (Pilsbry, 1893)]
Mopalia hindsii (Sowerby, 1847)  [= Mopalia wosnessenskii Middendorff, 1847]
Mopalia kennerleyi Carpenter, 1864  [= separated from Mopalia ciliata (Sowerby, 1840)]
Mopalia lignosa (Gould, 1846)  [= Mopalia elevata Pilsbryi, 1893)]
Mopalia vespertina (Gould, 1852)  [= Mopalia laevior Pilsbry, 1918]

Cyanoplax dentiens (Gould, 1846)  [= Lepidochitona dentiens, Ischnochiton dentiens]


Doryteuthis opalescens (Berry, 1911)  [= Loligo opalescens]


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