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Clubs & Organizations:

     American Malacological Society

   Associazione Malacologica Internazionale 


     Bailey-Matthews Museum

     Conchologists of America        

     Jacksonville Shell Club

     Oregon Society of Conchologists


     Pacific Conchological Club

     The Philadelphia Shell Club

     St. Petersburg Shell Club

     The San Diego Shell Club

     The Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club

     Western Society of Malacologists

Pacific Northwest Sites:


     BC Marine Life Index

     Indian Island Marine Health Observatory (Orcas Island)

     Jan Kocian - Diving Photos throughout the Pacific Northwest

     Key to Marine Invertebrates in the Rosario, WA area

     North Island Explorer

     Seaslugs of the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere - link to Northeast Pacific section

     Ron Shimek - specializing in Scaphopods and Turrids of the NW


Seashells of British Columbia

     A Snail's Odyssey

     Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - Shellfish Regulations

     Washington Invasive Species Council - online invasive species reporting form

WSG Crab Team - Washington Sea Grant (monitoring for invasive European Green Crab)


     Bureau of Land Management (WA/OR) Field Guides for Freshwater & Terrestrial Mollusks

     Molluscs of Canada


Worldwide Sites:      

     Beachcombers' Alert!

     Conchology, Inc. - Guido T. Poppe (dealer, excellent site to ID shells)

     Conus Biodiversity Website


     Encyclopedia of Life

     Femorale  (dealer, excellent site to ID shells)

Guide to the Exotic Species of San Francisco Bay

     Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods
 (Site now located on, but this link also works)      

     Let's Talk Seashells

     Man and Mollusc


  (A subset of WoRMs which now includes terrestrial species)

     Seashells of California & Baja Mexico

     Sea Slug Forum

     Terrestrial Mollusc Tool

     USGS Nonindigenous Species Database


     World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)

     Worldwide Chitons

     Worldwide Mollusc Species Data Base


     Washington page of U.S. coastal locations

     West Coast America page of Worldwide locations   


     Washington page of NOAA   

     Canadian coastal locations   


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