(Oregon to Southeast Alaska)

Click on photo to enlarge.  Scale line in photo equals 1cm unless otherwise specified.

Notations refer to how often they can be found intertidally by
beachgoers in the Northwest plus their full habitat range.
Many worms only show themselves when submerged in water.

Arctonoe vittata Arctonoe vittata
on a Dermasterias imbricata                on a Triopha catalinae
Arctonoe vittata (Grube, 1855)
Red-banded Commensal Scaleworm
occasionally found, north Mexico to
north Alaska; Ecuador

Citation:  Pacific Northwest Shell Club, www.PNWSC.org

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Phascolosoma agassizii Phascolosoma agassizii Phascolosoma agassizii
     protuding necks                                              body exposed from sand
Phascolosoma agassizii Keferstein, 1867
Agassiz's Peanut Worm
common, north Mexico to north Alaska

Kaburakia excelsa
Kaburakia excelsa Bock, 1925
Giant Flatworm
common, central California
to south Alaska

Tubulanus polymorphus
Tubulanus polymorphus Renier, 1804
Orange Ribbon Worm
common, south California to north Alaska;
Meditteranean to north Europe
Ribbon Worms

Praxillura maculata Praxillura maculata
Praxillura maculata Moore, 1923
Windmill Bamboo-Worm
subtidal, California to BC

Polychaete Worms  

Cheilonereis cyclurus
found inside a freshly dead Euspira lewisii shell
Cheilonereis cyclurus (Harrington, 1897)
Red-and-White-Banded Sea-Nymph
infrequently found; south California to north Alaska,
northwest Pacific Ocean

Halosydna brevisetosa
Halosydna brevisetosa Kinbert, 1856
Eighteen-Scaled Worm
common, north Mexico to central Alaska

Arctonoe fragilis
Arctonoe fragilis (Baird, 1863)
Fragile Ruffled Scaleworm
occasionally found, south California
to north Alaska

Pseudopotamilla sp. cf.
Pseudopotamilla sp. cf.

Eudistylia vancouveri Eudistylia vancouveri
Eudistylia vancouveri (Kinberg, 1867)
Vancouver Feather-Duster
common, central California to Alaska

Chone aurantiaca
Chone aurantiaca (Johnson, 1901)
Orange Feather-Duster
occasionally found, Washington to BC

Myxicola infundibulum Myxicola infundibulum
Myxicola infundibulum (Montagu, 1808)
Slime-Tube Feather-Duster
occasionally found, California to north Alaska

Arctonoe pulchra
on a Parastichopus californicus
Arctonoe pulchra
(Johnson 1897)
occasionally found, north
Mexico to central Alaska

Dodecaceria fewkesi
Dodecaceria fewkesi
Berkeley & Berkeley, 1954
Fringed Filament-Worm
infrequently found, south California to BC

Serpula columbiana Serpula columbiana Serpula columbiana
Serpula columbiana Johnson, 1901
Red-Trumpet Calcareous Tubeworm
common, California to Alaska

Cistenides granulata
Cistenides granulata (Linnaeus, 1767)
Tusk Coneworm
occasionally found, north Mexico to south Alaska

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Thelepus crispus Thelepus crispus
          exposed from sand tube                       in an aquarium
Thelepus crispus Johnson, 1901
Curly-head Spaghetti Worm
common, south California to Alaska; India

Salmacina tribranchiata
Salmacina tribranchiata (Moore, 1923)
Three-Branch Calcareous Tubeworm
occasionally found, south California to BC

Feather-Duster Worms
Feather-Duster Worms - Assorted Species
Schizobranchia insignis Schizobranchia insignis
Schizobranchia insignis Bush, 1905
Split-Branch Feather-Duster
common, central California to Alaska

Neosabellaria cementarium
Neosabellaria cementarium
 (Moore, 1906)

Cemented Sandmason Tubeworm
occasionally found, south California
 to north Alaska

Spiochaetopterus costarum
hosting some Lacuna variegata eggs which are being eaten by a Margaritus pupillus
Spiochaetopterus costarum (Claparède, 1869)
Jointed Three-section Tubeworm
common, south California to south Alaska;
Japan; north Atlantic

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Peanut Worms