Pacific Rim National Park

Vancouver Island, BC

Site Description:       

Pacific Rim National Park is along the west coast of Vancouver Island facing the Pacific Ocean.  It stretches between Tofino and Nitinat Lake and includes the islands of Barkley Sound.  Our information includes the area between Tofino and Bamfield, which is at the southern edge of Barkley Sound.  We also include the subtidal region of the Sound.  The coastline is a typical mix of both sandy and rocky beaches.   Barkley Sound has been the site of commercial shellfish culture and therefore also includes several introduced species.

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Species List:

     Following is a list of mollusk species observed at this location by members and associates of the club.  This is by no means a complete list of the species which may occur at this site.  Revisions and additions to the data are made as we acquire new information.   When a site contains more than one very distinctive type of habitat or if multiple sites were included in a single location, then a species list for each is included.
    We indicate frequency of occurrence based on our observations.  This is an indicator of how likely it is that you may be able to find this species yourself and is not a formal population survey.  

     Frequency Code:  (Based on the assumption that you are looking in the appropriate location where the species
                                          likes to live - on rocks, in sand, etc.  
Some populations fluctuate seasonally.  Ours are based
                                          on the spring/summer seasons.
     [4] - Rare - very difficult to find, maybe only a couple found after repeated visits to the site
     [3] - Uncommon - difficult to find, may not see on every trip but dedicated searching may turn up a few
     [2] - Common - easy to find, should locate a number of them on any given day
     [1] - Abundant - very easy to find, large numbers should be seen on every trip

Due to the nature of the data, this list will not be rated for frequency of occurrence.  It is also an incomplete list for common species.

Intertidal - I
Subtidal - S

Adula californiensis  I
Archivesica gigas  S (well offshore)
Astarte compacta  S
Cardiomya pectinata  S
Cardiomya planetica  S
Compsomyax subdiaphana  S
Crassadoma gigantea  I
Crassostrea gigas  I
Delectopecten vancouverensis  S
Diplodonta impolita  I

Gari californica  I

Glans carpenteri  I

Glycymeris septentrionalis  S
Hiatella arctica  I
Kellia suborbicularis  I
Kurtiella tumida  S
Lasaea adansoni  I
Leukoma staminea  I

Macoma sp.  I
Megayoldia thraciaeformis  S
Miodontiscus prolongatus  S

Mya arenaria  I

Musculus taylori  I
Mytilus californianus  I

Mytilus complex  I
Netastoma rostratum
Nutricola lordi  I,S

Nutricola tantilla  I,S

Nuttallia obscurata  I

Panopea generosa  I
Patinopecten caurinus  S (offshore)
Penitella conradi  S
Pododesmus macrochisma  I
Saccella penderi  S
Saxidomus gigantea  I
Semele rubropicta  I

Siliqua patula  I

Simomactra falcata  S  
Solamen columbianum  S
Tellina bodegensis  I
Tellina nuculoides  S
Thracia trapezoides  I
Tresus capax  I

Tresus nuttallii  I

Venerupis philippinarum  I
Waldo arthuri  S

Acmaea mitra  I
Alia carinata  I
Alvania sp. - 2 species  S
Antiplanes cf. vinosa  S
Astyris aurantiaca  S

Barleeia acuta  I,S
Bittium vancouverense  I,S
Boonea cf. cincta  I
Brachystoma angularis  I
Caecum crebricinctum  S

Caecum occidentale  I,S
Calinaticina oldroydii  S (well offshore)
Calliostoma annulatum  S
Calliostoma canaliculatum  S
Calliostoma variegatum  S
Ceratostoma foliatum  I
Cerithiopsis sp.  I  

Chlorostoma funebralis  I
Cranopsis cucullata  S
Crepidula adunca  I
Crepidula nummaria  I
Crepidula perforans  I
Cryptobranchia concentrica  S

Diodora aspera  I
Epitonium indianorum  S

Epitonium sawinae  I
Eulithidium pulloides  I
Evalea tenuisculpta  I
Fissurellidea bimaculata  I

Granulina margaritula  I
Graphis shepardiana  S

Haliotis kamtschatkana  S
Haliotis rufescens  S
Hipponix panamensis  I,S
Homalopoma luridum  I
Kurtzia arteaga  S
Lacuna porrecta  I
Lacuna variegata  I
Lacuna vincta  I
Lamellaria diegoensis  I
Lirobittium attenuatum  I,S
Lirularia lirulata  I
Littorina scutulata  I

Littorina sitkana  I  
Lottia asmi  I
Lottia digitalis  I
Lottia instabilis  S                                                                  

Lottia pelta  I
Lottia persona  I
Lottia aff. rosacea  I
Lottia scutum  I
Lottia triangularis  I
Mangelia crebricostata  S
Margarites pupillus  I,S
Marsenina sp.  I
Melanella micans  S
Nassarius mendicus  I
Neadmete modesta  S
Neostylidium eschrichtii  I
Neptunea stilesi  S (well offshore)

Neptunea tabulata  S
Neverita lewisii  I

Nucella lamellosa  I
Nucella ostrina  I
Ocinebrellus inornatus  I
Ocinebrina interfossa  I

Ocinebrina lurida  I
Odostomia sp.  S
Olivella baetica  I
Olivella biplicata  I
Olivella pycna  I
Onoba carpenteri  I
Ophiodermella cancellata  S
Ophiodermella inermis  S

Petaloconchus compactus  I
Pomaulax gibberosa  S

Puncturella cooperi  S
Rectiplanes sp. S
Rissoella sp.  I
Scelidotoma bella  S
Urosalpinx cinerea  I
Tegula pulligo  I
Turbonilla sp. - 2 species  S

Acanthodoris hudsoni  S
Acanthodoris nanaimoensis  S
Acteocina eximia  S
Adalaria proxima  S
Aegires albopunctatus  S
Aldisa cooperi  S
Ancula gibbosa  S
Armina californica  S
Berthella californica  S
Cadlina luteomarginata  S
Catriona columbiana  S
Coryphella verrucosa  S
Dendronotus iris  S
Dendronotus rufus  S
Diaphorodoris lirulatocauda  S
Diaulula sandiegensis  S
Dirona albolineata  S
Doris montereyensis  S
Doris odhneri  S
Doto kya  S
Eubranchus ruprium  S
Eubranchus rustyus  S
Geitodoris heathi  S
Haminoea vesicula  I
Hermissenda crassicornis  S
Himatina trophina  S
Janolus fuscus  S
Limacia cockerelli  S
Loy thompsoni  S
Melibe leonina  S
"Montereina" lentiginosa  S
Onchidoris evincta  S
Onchidoris muricata  S
Peltodoris nobilis  S
Phyllaplysia taylori  S
Polycera tricolor  S
Rostanga pulchra  S
Tochuina gigantea  S
Triopha catalinae  S
Tritonia festiva  S

Onchidella borealis  I
Chaetopleura gemma  I
Cryptochiton stelleri  I
Cyanoplax dentiens  I
Katharina tunicata  I
Lepidozona mertensii  S
Lepidozona radians  S

Mopalia cirrata  I
Mopalia ferreirai  S
Mopalia hindsii  I
Mopalia lignosa  I
Mopalia muscosa  I
Mopalia kennerleyi  I

Mopalia sinuata  I
Tonicella lineata  I      

Antalis pretiosum  S
Cadulus californicus  S
Cadulus tolmiei  S
Gadila aberrans  S
ulsellum salishorum  S
Rhabdus rectius  S

Chaetoderma cf argenteum  S


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