Terebratalia transversa

Terebratalia transversa (Sowerby, 1846)
Common Lamp Shell
common, north Mexico to north Alaska

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Mycale adhaerens
(growing on Chlamys hastata)
Mycale adhaerens
(Lambe, 1893)

Smooth Scallop Sponge
subtidal, Washington to Siberia



Halicondria panicea
Halichondria panicea (Pallas, 1766)
Yellow-Green Encrusting Sponge
fairly common, north Mexico to north Alaska


Metandrocarpa taylori
Metandrocarpa taylori Huntsman, 1912
Orange Social Tunicate
common, south California to south Alaska

Terebratalia transversa Terebratalia transversa Terebratalia transversa caurina
                                                                                                     older references call this a subspecies - caurina

Miscellaneous Fauna

(Oregon to Southeast Alaska)

Click on photo to enlarge.  Scale line in photo equals 1cm unless otherwise specified.

Notations refer to how often they can be found intertidally by
beachgoers in the Northwest plus their full habitat range.

Disporella separata
Disporella separata Osborn, 1953
Purple Encrusting Bryozoan
subtidal; south California & Washington to BC

Pseudosuberites montiniger
Pseudosuberites montiniger (Carter, 1880)
Peach Ball Sponge
subtidal, north Mexico to north Alaska

Haliclona sp.
Haliclona sp.
Purple Intertidal Sponge
south California to south Alaska

Ophlitaspongia pennata
Ophlitaspongia pennata
(Lambe, 1895)
Velvety Red Sponge
north Mexico to Alaska

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Sponges are notoriously hard to identify.  There are a large number
of species and many which look similar to each other.

If anyone recognizes our unidentified species, please contact us.
unidentified species 3
a yellow encrusting sponge
photo taken at Anacortes, WA

unidentified species 2
similar to species 1 but
with the large pores scattered
across the top and sides
photo taken at Slip Point, WA
Unidentified Sponges
sponge sponge
unidentified species 1
similar to an Orange Finger Sponge with
the large excurrent pores only at the top
photo taken at Slip Point, WA  

Aplidium solidum
Aplidium solidum (Ritter & Forsyth, 1917)
Red Ascidian
south California to south BC
Suberites domuncula latus Suberites domuncula latus
Suberites domuncula latus Lambe, 1893
Hermit Crab Sponge
south California to north Alaska

Cnemidocarpa finmarkiensis Cnemidocarpa finmarkiensis
Cnemidocarpa finmarkiensis
(Kiaer, 1893)
Broadbase Tunicate
common, central California to
south Alaska; Japan; circumboreal

Laqueus californicus
Laqueus californianus (Koch, 1848)
California Lamp Shell
infrequently found; south California to
Alaska, Japan