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Scholarship - Frequently Asked Questions

The link to the application is missing.
     The scholarship cycle for 2017 has been completed.  Scholarship availability for 2018 will be announced in January.

What kind of research qualifies for the scholarship?
     The research must be malacological in nature with the mollusk being the main focus of the research.  The typical winner is doing research
     on a specific species or family of mollusk to understand more about the life cycle, feeding habits, reproduction, or growth of that species.  
     The mollusk may be a native of the Pacific Northwest or an introduced species.

Can my application be longer than 3 pages?
     We would prefer if it was kept to three pages or less, however you won't be penalized if you absolutely cannot convey
     your project within that space.  You are completely free to maximize your margins and spacing to fit as much on a page
     as possible.

Do I need to list references or a bibliography?
     No, these are not required.  Letters of recommendation, resumes and transcripts are also not required and will not be used in
     the decision-making process.

How detailed does my itemized list of expenses need to be?
     We would like to see a clear representation of how the funds would be used.  However, it is not necessary to list every
     item of lab equipment.  We assume " miscellaneous lab supplies" includes glassware, tubing, and the standard
     paraphenalia one might find in any lab.  Specialized or unusual pieces of equipment or materials, or ones which need to
     be purchased in very large quantities, should be listed separately.    

What if I email my application and do not receive an acknowledgement?
     Email us again if you do not receive an acknowledgement within two days.  Your email may have gotten misdirected or
     lost by the servers.  Generally, acknowledgements are sent within hours if not by the end of the day it was received.  Don't
     wait until the last minute to email it!

What if my application is late?
     Late applications are not accepted.  We announce the scholarship to the schools in January so we feel there is plenty of
     time to send it in by April 1st.  

Can I send my application in much earlier than April 1st?
     Absolutely.  This assures you that there is plenty of time to know it was received and acknowledged.  However,  
     applications are not reviewed until after April 1st, so there is no preference given to those sent in early.

When are the recipients notified?
     All students who applied for a scholarship will be notified before June 1st, whether they won a scholarship or not.  It
     usually occurs around mid-May. Notification is via email.

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This page last revised:  4-23-2017